Blueberries And Cream Danish Braid

One of the kitchen challenges I gave myself last year was to make homemade Danish pastry. You know those buttery, flaky, fruit/cream cheese filled pastries at catered breakfasts and meetings? They’re totally irresistible, I know. Making Danish pastry at home was extremely intimidating, but I put on my big girl pants last October and spent […]

Pink Heart Shaped Cake

Make your loved ones’ hearts beat quicker and grow fonder when they taste these delicious creations made with love and care by YOU. Check out the step by step picture guide for easy “how to” with full instructions and recipes. INGREDIENTS : 1 package cake mix (2-layer size) any flavor except angel food 1 cup […]


Soft Vanilla Cake with Raspberry Buttercream – A delicious vanilla cake recipe that is easy to make and is perfectly moist and soft. Filled and topped with a delicious and creamy raspberry buttercream After making that simply delicious Easy Raspberry Buttercream I just had to make something perfect to go with it. I chose to […]

Almond crescent cookies with sprinkles

Almond crescent cookies with sprinkles – perfect Holiday cookies! When you look at them, you might think I have gone completely crazy. Sure, it’s a holiday season and I decorated lots of cookies this month with sprinkles, but I apparently have gone completely overboard with this one: The truth is almond crescent cookies are so […]