Adorable Turkey Crust Pumpkin Pie

This Adorable Turkey Crust Pumpkin Pie is easy to recreate and will amaze your family and friends this holiday season. Let me show you how easy it is to assemble, and bake, this fun Thanksgiving holiday treat. I thought I’d kick off #PumpkinWeek2016 with a bang this year and share with you this Adorable Turkey […]


One of my favorite desserts when I go out to eat is an ooey, gooey, cookie skillet. Have you had one? Seriously guys, if it is on the menu then I know what I’m ordering! Cookie skillets are delicious cookie dough baked in a small skillet. If you’re lucky they are filled with something extra […]

Gluten Free New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies

These gluten free New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies taste exactly like the famous crispy-outside-chewy-inside cookies published (in gluten-containing form, of course) by the New York Times in 2009. You just won’t believe how good they are! Well well well. Yesterday was National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (who knew? who cared? me!) yet here I […]


These SUPER SOFT Sprinkle Pudding cookies are so so easy and loaded with vanilla flavor! Before you’re all, “yawnnnnn I’ve seen pudding cookies a trillionty times” stay with me for a second… I firmly believe in the value of a solid basic recipe. Basics are the recipes you make most often… Of ALL THE BAKING […]


Soft Batch Chocolate Fudge Cookies with a gooey pocket of salted caramel inside! Pure decadence. We’re heading to Paris on Wednesday! The trip was originally just for a quick two-day conference, but after much debate, we’ve decided to stretch it out and stay for a week. I’ve never been to the city of light before, […]

Lucky Charm Marshmallow Rice Krispies

“Always after me Lucky Charms!” We’ve all heard that before from the commercials on TV and then we mimic the phrase, usually in a flirtatious, fun way, right? (You know you have!!) I mean, it’s such a cute, catchy little phrase. Who doesn’t like to try to speak in an Irish accent anyways? And who […]


EWWWW, NO! You all have really dirty minds. I mean, I lived through 50 shades of…painting gray! I had no idea that gray was such a hard color to pick. I thought you mixed black and white and voila – gray. That’s totally not so. (According to the lady at Sherwin-Williams – gray is not […]


I’m just like every other person that loves to bake…once I see those leaves starting to change from green to red, yellow and orange, all I can think about is … pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin! I think about baking all year long but … when fall rolls around, the flavors I crave start to change. If […]

No-Bake Strawberry Chocolate Tart

This No bake strawberry chocolate tart is absolutely AMAZING. It is the easiest recipe you can get for such a decadent chocolaty dessert. It takes no more than 15 minutes to put together. Is that easy. The taste is beyond any description. The crust is made with oreos, whole oreos this time :). It is […]