Did you hear about the Italian chef who died? He pasta way! Doctors cannoli do so much!  Lol, sorry for the dad jokes I’m just SUPER excited for this recipe. Some of you may know before I was introduced to Sascha’s I was teaching kids cooking lessons at Williams Sonoma. Once I jumped full swing […]

Candy Cane Pie

Candy Cane Pie is the only dessert recipe, you’ll need this Christmas! It’s no bake pie with crumbly Oreo crust and white chocolate ganache on top. And the filling is a bomb! It’s combo of cream cheese, whipped cream, instant pudding, butter, chocolate chips and crushed candy canes! There are still a few weeks until […]

Thin Mint Marshmallow Brownies

Rich, fudgy brownies are spread with lightly minted marshmallow creme, then sprinkled with crushed Thin Mints. What’s that you say? Over the top? I can’t hear you. Sometimes we get together with Eric’s out-of-state siblings (on a Google hangout) and play board games. We were playing Scattergories the other day when I caught Eric writing […]


Looking for an easy, but different brownie to make this week? These Reese’s Peanut Butter Bars are just the treat for you. Three times the Reese’s peanut butter goodness in every bite. **Make sure you sign up for the BruCrew email, so you see these recipes in your inbox each morning.** So, my husband and […]


These gooey Oreo Marshmallow Brownies are loaded with cookie chunks and marshmallow fluff. Three times the chocolate goodness makes these brownies disappear in a hurry. Last week my diet was sabotaged by these delicious brownies! I mean how could I resist when the brownies were filled with oreos and marshmallow fluff? Brownies loaded with ooeeyy […]

S’mores Cookie Bars

Soft, chewy, and slightly crunchy graham cracker cookie bars with a marshmallow swirl and semi-sweet chocolate chips. If I could only eat one dessert for the rest of my life… Well, I wouldn’t be able to choose between a S’more and a Chocolate Chip Cookie. Honestly. So, in the event I’m ever cruelly and inhumanely […]


One of my favorite desserts when I go out to eat is an ooey, gooey, cookie skillet. Have you had one? Seriously guys, if it is on the menu then I know what I’m ordering! Cookie skillets are delicious cookie dough baked in a small skillet. If you’re lucky they are filled with something extra […]


Chili is the ultimate fall and winter comfort food. Who can say no to a bowl of warm, thick chili that’s loaded with tender chicken and hearty cannellini beans. It’s some of the best chili I’ve ever had and will be on rotation all winter. It’s robustly flavored from sweet Vidalia onions, jalapeno peppers, and […]

Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Simple healthy 3-ingredient Baked Sweet Potato Chips recipe, perfect for after-school snacks and spring picnic baskets! Lately I’ve been buying bags of gourmet vegetable chips to serve with dips at cocktail parties and neighborhood gatherings. After all, they’re colorful, uniquely flavored, and seem to be appreciated by friends with certain food allergies. After looking back […]

Mint Chip Brownie Ice Cream Squares

Love brownies? Love mint chip ice cream? You are going to really love these Mint Chip Brownie Ice Cream Squares! Of course when you layer brownies, ice cream, chocolate fudge and whipped cream… there is really no way it’s going to be bad! =) I think I can safely say I often make tasty things… […]