Snickers Ice Cream Bars and Bites

Happy Friday!! I am so excited to share these awesome little bites of Snickers goodness with you, my friends! I mean, FROZEN… SNICKERS… BITES…. YESSSS!!!!! Deep breaths… don’t freak out. Hold it together. Don’t mind me, sometimes I have to talk myself down just so I can focus on typing coherent, logical, sentences. Maybe I’ve […]

Caramel Crumble Peach Pie

Caramel Crumble Peach Pie – homemade buttery crust packed with sweet juicy peaches and salted caramel sauce, topped with brown sugar cinnamon crumbs. Super easy, crowd-pleaser summer dessert. Since a few months ago when I found this great Salted Caramel Peach Crumble Pie recipe by Kelly Jaggers from Evil Shenanigans , I could not wait […]


A chocolate cupcake with salted caramel frosting and pretzels make a fun salty sweet treat. Totally unrelated to these Salted Caramel Preztel Cupcakes, but there’s a story that’s too funny not to tell. The last two weeks in August, Tyler was out of town for training in Delaware for 2 weeks. It was bad timing, […]


This Turtle Brownie Cheesecake has a brownie bottom, caramel cheesecake and lots of pecans, caramel and chocolate sauce! It’s a delicious combination of flavors and textures that’s perfect for fall! Turtle candies are definitely one of my faves. I love pretty much anything with caramel and turtles do not lack in that department one bit. […]